Educational Start Up, Zinkerz, Announces Complete Access to SAT® Test Prep App At No Cost

Get The Gift Of SAT® Test Prep - Gratis For The Holidays!

Technological start-up, Zinkerz announces that the full version of their cutting edge App, Zinkerz Prep for the SAT® Test will be available for download free to students this holiday season. With its impressive array of preparatory tools and appealing game like style, students are given a modern test prep package that is both comprehensive and accessible from any mobile device, ready to go wherever and whenever the student is.

The holidays are here and the pressure is on. Whether taking the SAT next month or sometime this spring it's time to get the one of a kind test prep App that is made to adapt to every student. The Zinkerz App is created for today's student, giving full access to a comprehensive set of test prep materials available to the student anytime, anywhere. Whether on a mobile device while traveling or at the library, Zinkerz Prep for the SAT® Test is ready to go, for students on the go. Available at both Google Play and iTunes stores the App is easily downloaded to any device. With this move, Zinkerz is moving closer to its dream of a world where engaging and expansive quality education is available to every human on the planet.

We don't just want kids to feel good about studying. We want them to actually improve as much as possible.

The free App isn't just portable, it's adaptable as well, using student responses to questions and practice sessions to constantly change, conforming to student needs. Student weaknesses are addressed by a special lesson every few practices, automatically adjusted to address the areas where the individual needs help the most. Resource include full length practice tests, drills, flashcards, and gamified experience and level rewards. Students are simultaneously rewarded for their activities, while being challenged and encouraged to add to their existing knowledge and skills.

"The personalization is important, because we get students focusing on what they need." said Mordejai Burstein, the founder of Zinkerz, "We don't just want kids to feel good about studying. We want them to actually improve as much as possible."

Tips and strategies help students to master test taking, while mini-challenges against the clock train for speed and accuracy. Students are able to practice under real test conditions while building proficiency in the material. Diagnostic tests early on, coupled with performance tracking and estimated SAT® scores given by the App, help students find the path to test success, with a study road-map designed by expert tutors, delivered in a package perfect for the holidays. So what are you waiting for?

About Zinkerz

Zinkerz is an education startup creating quality test preparation applications that make students full partners in their own learning. Designed to help students prepare for and succeed on their exams, the apps are gamified and adapt to students' needs. Economically affordable, Zinkerz Apps are accessible on any mobile device. SAT® is a registered trademark of The College Board. Zinkerz is not associated with, and owns no rights to the SAT® Test. This website and the Zinkerz app for the SAT® Test are not endorsed or approved by The College Board.

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