Updated Adaptive App Sets Up Students for SAT Prep Success

Educational startup Zinkerz is excited to release its updated adaptive Zinkerz SAT® Prep App helping students prepare for the SAT with state-of-the-art technology and personalized content.

Zinkerz, the international educational technology start-up, has updated Zinkerz SAT® Prep App as part of its line of test prep apps that are designed to respond to students' needs and abilities. Devised by a team of SAT experts, professional educators, and top-scoring students, the App guides students through their SAT test preparation with a comprehensive system of study that adjusts daily to the student's performance. The app, which was featured on Discovery Channel's Newswatch in August, is now offering a free update to better prepare for the SAT.

Discovery Channel profiled the app during it's NewsWatch Review this summer, stating, "Think of it like your own SAT prep tutor in the form of an app." The news segment focused on many aspects of the app that make it one of the "best solutions" for SAT and PSAT prep. The program also mentioned how keeping all study tools in one convenient place, saves students time and money.

Think of it like your own SAT prep tutor in the form of an app.

Mordejai Burstein, Zinkerz Co-Founder says "Zinkerz gives students a road map that allows them to work on their weak areas while honing their strengths." Ariel Weiss, Zinkerz Co-Founder and CEO says of their Apps for test preparation, "This approach helps students get the strong scores they need on these critical tests."

Updated features include a diagnostic test to give each user an estimated score baseline available immediately after sign up, as well as an overall SAT score updated with each completed exercise increasing score accuracy with every practice. Furthermore, the app includes daily practices including tutorials, drills, and other techniques that are selected to match students' growth and tackle weak areas. Weaknesses are addressed by a focused subject workout every couple of practices, automatically adjusted to meet student needs. An improved and comprehensive performance sheet details outcomes in each SAT subject with clear indicators for areas that need the most work.

Rounding out the app's new additions are an improved and more entertaining system of rewards to keep students engaged, as well as Facebook login and sharing features that allow students to keep up to date on their progress along with their friends'.

Zinkerz SAT® can be found in iTunes and Google Play.

About Zinkerz

Zinkerz is an education start-up creating quality test preparation applications that make students full partners in their own learning. Designed to help students prepare for and succeed on their exams, the apps are gamified andadapt to students' needs. Economically affordable, Zinkerz Apps are accessible on any mobile device.

Breaking new ground in educational technology, Zinkerz has released two highly popular apps including Zinkerz SAT® Prep App and The Zinkerz Preparation App for the TOEFL® Test and is en route to releasing a full suite of test preparation applications. All Zinkerz products aim to ignite a desire for learning while making students partners in their own education.

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