Zinkerz Announces Unlimited, Lifetime Access to their TOEFL® Test Preparation App for Only $0.99

Students are finding the educational app to be an affordable way to prepare for the TOEFL®

During the month of April, educational app developer Zinkerz is offering students access to the TOEFL® Test Prep App for only $0.99. Developed by leading educators, the app enables the student to study and practice at their own pace - anywhere and anytime. With a one-time charge of $0.99, students get full access to all the features the app has to offer: flashcards, interactive games, practice drills and full practice tests.

While studying for the TOEFL® can be stressful, Zinkerz was designed to help alleviate this pressure by enabling students to take control of their test prep. Designed by TOEFL educators, the app was created to help students gain a deep knowledge of TOEFL test material in a fun and gamified user experience. Furthermore, the app tracks and evaluates student progress across four complete practice TOEFL® tests, identifying weak spots and tracking improvement over time. iTunes and Google Play. All of the progress made through the app can be synced with a tablet to make it easier to access materials.

Zinkerz was designed to help alleviate this pressure by enabling students to take control of their test prep.

Zinkerz Co-founder and CEO Ariel Weiss says, "We have combined the latest mobile app technologies with robust test prep materials in all four sections of the exam, giving users the best TOEFL® test preparation app available at an undeniably attractive price point." Zinkerz Co-founder Mordejai Burstein explains, "At Zinkerz, we believe that education should be available to everyone and thus should be affordable. Preparation for the TOEFL® test takes a lot of time and effort, so we did our best to make this process fun, effective and inexpensive".

About Zinkerz
Zinkerz is an education start-up creating quality test preparation applications that make students full partners in their own learning. Designed to help students prepare for and succeed on their exams, the apps are gamified, adapting to students' needs, economically affordable, and accessible on any mobile device. Breaking new ground in educational technology, Zinkerz aims to ignite a desire for learning in every student.

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