Zinkerz Launches New, Comprehensive SAT Study App, ZinkerzSAT

Zinkerz seeks to fill much needed gap in mobile test prep

Zinkerz today announced the launch of their full SAT Prep app, Zinkerz SAT, which provides students with a personalized roadmap to dramatically improve their SAT scores. Approximately 1.6 million students take the SAT every year, and Zinkerz SAT is the first app of its kind to offer constant personalization, full practice tests, and expert test-taking strategies--now supported on apple and android devices, both online and offline.

Zinkerz SAT was designed for the modern student. In a market saturated with prep books, tutoring courses, and disparate app tools, Zinkerz offers students a comprehensive option that moves and learns with them, whether on the subway or in the classroom. As students use the app, they receive consistent updates and rewards for their progress through a gamified system of experience and levels. The app also works behind-the-scenes to adapt the study material, so that students are simultaneously rewarded for their engagement, while being challenged and encouraged to keep improving.

We don’t just want kids to feel good about studying. We want them to actually improve as much as possible

"We're definitely the only app with full practice SATs, and in addition to the daily material there are loads of drills and flashcards for extra targeted study," said Mordejai Burstein, the founder of Zinkerz. "The personalization is important, because we get students focusing on what they need. We don't just want kids to feel good about studying. We want them to actually improve as much as possible."

In addition to being affordable and comprehensive, Zinkerz SAT is also efficient, providing each user with a tailored roadmap to best address their strengths and weaknesses. By breaking down the SAT's entire structure, students are presented with a step-by-step guide showing where to start studying and where to stop - an important concept that is often overlooked in SAT prep books. By providing this roadmap with daily composite exercises, Zinkerz SAT takes the guesswork out of a process that often leaves students feeling overwhelmed.

"Kids want to study hard, but too often they don't know where to begin," said Shira Telushkin, member of the Board. "Zinkerz is awesome for students, parents, and tutors, who are looking for the best way to prepare for the SATs. It's an important exam that's not going away. We're already knee-deep in preparing for the new SAT, and we're also launching a host of apps in the coming months for other standardized tests, including the ACT. It's exciting!"

What is Zinkerz?

Zinkerz is an education startup creating test prep apps that utilize the latest in how people best learn and retain information. Their apps are gamified, economically accessible, and the only place where students can prepare fully for the SATs, all on their phone. Zinkerz is the vision of Panamanian educator Mordejai Burstein, and is en route to releasing a full suite of test preparation applications. All Zinkerz products aim to make students partners in their own education, and make this world a place where quality test prep is accessible to everyone.

Source URL: http://prweb.com/releases/Zinkerz/SAT/prweb12794906.htm